Caylum Willemse Foundation

Help give the gift of life



What is required?

We need to get Caylum to Boston
to save his life !!!

IMG 4260 Caylum requires a complex procedure, and there are no doctors in South Africa who can perform this.

There is a specialist Dr Russel Jennings, from Boston at the Boston Childrens Hospital , who has pioneered a life saving procedure. This procedure has the best chance at savings Caylums life. 

Donations are required to cover:

  • The cost of a medical transfer to Boston, we have engaged with all roll players and are getting detailed quotations on the cost of the proceudre, travel and care in Boston.
  • Getting Caylum and his family home and assisting with the months of medical bills up to date. 

 An Estimated $500,000 is needed to get him to the US and for the procedure. We are in talks with Medical Services Organisation and Boston Childrens Hospital to finalise costs. 

We need to raise a significant amount of money and need as many people involved as possible!