Caylum Willemse Foundation

Help give the gift of life



Our Goal and Purpose

IMG 4170 Caylum Willemse Foundation has been set up and is currently in the process of being registered as a NPO.

Once registered with SARS (in progress) the NPO will be able to issue S18 certificates for tax purposes for any donations received.

The organisation’s main objectives are to:

  • Conduct fund raising activities, with proceeds used to assist with the on-going medical and living expenses for Caylum Willemse, who is suffering from TOF and OA and requires lifesaving intervention. Once we completed the goals for Caylum we will extend the foundation to look at more cases relating to TOF/OA
  • Create awareness of tracheo-oesophageal fistula (TOF) and oesophageal atresia (OA) illness in South Africa.
  • Provide support to other families affected by TOF and OA.
  • Use any surplus funds from fund raising not needed by the Willemse family in the care of Caylum for other families requiring assistance with children in ICU.